Be My Princess for GREE Review (Part 1) [Edited]

The otome game review for today is Be My Princess for GREE!

It’s an android otome game by VOLTAGE which has beautiful artwork as seen in Pirates In Love and My Forged Wedding which I will review at a later date ^_^

This is on the GREE platform which is a mobile social gaming network so you have to create an account to play, similar to Anime Boy’z Puzz in the App store. I got the following pictures from BMP’s pv because pictures are very rare around the internet T_T

Story: The MC is currently unemployed and has attended several interviews but none are successful. She goes for yet another interview but receives news that it was not successful T^T while she was at a cafe with her friend. She is rather disappointed but decides it’s do or die and submits a resume/portfolio for Jean Pierre (A world renowned fashion brand like Chanel or Louis Vuitton) thinking i-will-surely-get-rejected-but-hell-yeah-i’ll-just-try-my-luck and it MIRACULOUSLY gets accepted (LUCKY HER). However, she has to travel to the kingdom of Charles (LOL). So she packs her luggage and flies off to Charles.

At the airport, the MC realises security is tight and sees Prince Joshua and Prince Keith but fails to recognise them despite seeing their faces on the billboard at the cafe. At the airport, the MC has trouble carrying the sweets her mother packed for her and it drops on the floor. MC tries to pick up and a sweet rolls on the floor and someone picks it up for her. She looks up and the person is none other than our PRINCE WILFRED!!!    \(^ω^\) OMG SO CUTE!

Okay anyway MC is like -WOAH, thank you- but fails to recognise that he is a prince =_= however she manages to realise he is a rather important person. MC then reaches Jean Pierre (HQ?) and meets Pierre the big boss lol. She hands him the sweets that her parents told her to give her colleagues (her parents own a confectionary store).

MC is then sent to deliver a dress to Cynthia who is a famous model. She reaches the castle of Nobel Michel and has trouble getting to Cynthia but is offered to be shown the way by a very gentlemanly PRINCE EDWARD  (btw MC still doesn’t recognise the princes). 

You can choose to:

Have Prince Edward escort you – Prince Edward has to leave halfway upon being called by his butler Louis

Look for Cynthia yourself

She reaches Cynthia and hands over the dress but Cynthia has plans up her sleeves. Cynthia has a date with her boyfriend and asks (okay, not really asks since she forcefully put on the dress on MC – cant imagine how she did that..she must have….LOL) MC to take over her place and go to the ball held at the castle. So MC has no choice but to go to the ball and Cynthia tells her that an escort will be coming to fetch her. The escort is revealed to be PRINCE ROBERTO (argh can’t find an invidual shot of him). Prince Roberto sees MC and is like ʘ_ʘ? who are you and where is Cynthia (but quickly recovers after MC explains everything) and is revealed to be quite the flirt when MC seems to recognise Prince Roberto vaguely. Here you make a choice to say:

The crest on your jacket – Roberto does not reveal his identity as a prince but says that MC is trying to prompt him to take his jacket off (lol)

Aren’t you from…

Roberto escorts her to the ball and other princes see her.

At the ball MC is introduced to the other princes like Prince Joshua, Glenn and Keith. She is forced to dance with PRINCE KEITH  just because he needs to dance and he finds her less annoying than the other women. MC thinks Prince Keith is rather rude and has a bad impression of him. Later on Prince Edward presents wine from his country and invites MC to drink. PRINCE JOSHUA  (isn’t he hot??) and PRINCE GLENN  (isn’t he cute??) asks if they can drink too. This part is rather funny as Prince Joshua and Edward comment that Prince Glenn is underage at 18 years old and should not be drinking. Prince Glenn is pissed and rebuts that in his country he is of legal age (●´ω`●) oh who will know… At this point MC chooses to drink either Red or White wine. Choose Red wine if you’re going for Edward or Joshua.

When you choose:

White wine – Prince Edward would express his disappointment

Red wine – Prince Edward is pleased and Prince Joshua would comment how you made a fine choice for merlot (a type of grape wine)

MC then glances Prince Roberto at the exit. She goes to the balcony to take a breather and is found by Prince Roberto. Prince Roberto says that he was looking for her because she looked like she was tired and he was worried. He then brings her to an empty room and flirts with her, moving close to her when BAM!, someone opens the door but leaves.

The person is revealed to be Prince Glenn and he seems to have had the wrong idea about the situation.

You then make a decision to:

Chase after Glenn – MC dashes after Glenn

Stay with Roberto – MC talks about how Glenn must have misunderstood the situation and they look for Glenn together to protect their honour.

MC finally catches up to Glenn who was walking real fast. After finally catching up, Glenn says MC was enjoying herself with Prince Edward then Prince Roberto and should leave the castle if she thinks she is here to land a prince. MC defends the princes and says they were trying to make her comfortable in an unfamiliar situation and tells Glenn not to think so badly of them. Glenn is shocked and holds MC’s hand about to say something xDD

Prince Glenn’s 6 year old younger brother Prince Alan then appears (aww~). He asks if MC is Prince Glenn’s princess to which he denies but blushes. Alan then says he will make MC his princess (LOL I swear this little guy will be a ladiesman in the future). He asks Glenn to play hide-and-seek with him in the castle and reveals that Glenn played with him yesterday. HAHA! Alan wants MC to play with them as well. He offers to be ‘it’ and starts counting. Prince Glenn defeated, then pulls MC’s hand and says that they should go hide (kya~I love big brother figures ). They hide behind a pillar. Glenn apologises to MC for his assumptions but thinks the other princes are flirty especially Roberto. True enough, Glenn thought MC and Roberto were kissing. Just then, Prince Joshua discovers them and brings along a crying Alan. He reprimands them for playing hide-and-seek in the castle. Prince Glenn blushes and apologises while prompting Alan to do so too. Joshua then makes nasty comments about MC.

Before MC is about to go home, Prince Wilfred appears and says that he has something to tell her. A butler named Zain  appears (probably the butler of Lord Michel – the old guy with the super long white beard lol) and informs Prince Wilfred that Claude has called for Wilfred. Prince Wilfred tells MC they will meet soon and he will tell her. She then tries to go home but is lost.

You can then choose to:

Have Prince Edward escort you out

Find your way out on your own

I chose to have Prince Edward escort me out haha (ehem to feel like a princess ≧o≦). He then leaves. MC has a call with Pierre who warns her of paparazzi and demands that she tells everything about the ball to him during work tomorrow as he has never been there. MC meets Prince Keith and they exchange words (hostile…). After Keith leaves, a paparazzi appears and bombards MC with questions about her and Prince Keith as he saw them together. MC is flustered and does not know what to do so Prince Edward is to the rescue. He then offers to send her home and MC agrees. In his limo, you can choose to:

Ask him why he appeared again

Thank him again

I chose to ask him why and he is rather surprised but confessses that Prince Keith told him a certain someone who was prone to accidents may encounter problems with the paparazzi.MC reaches home.

The next day, MC tells her colleague Naomi about what happened at the ball. They talk about how MC is fated to meet the 6 princes and may meet them again since it is once in a blue moon that you get to meet 6 PRINCES. A angry Pierre appears and summons MC to his office. MC is frightened but it appears that Pierre is angry because MC has not told him about the happenings during the ball. He is also angry because MC did not ask him to be her escort but had Robbie (LOL, Prince Roberto actually) escort her instead. Hello, if I were MC I would rather have him than you as an escort ;P

A commotion starts in the office and MC and Pierre goes out to the office to find the ladies all going 萌え萌え(≧◡≦) over Prince Wilfred who has appeared in the office! Leaning against the wall while looking gorgeous, he straightens and greets MC and Pierre thinks he is here regarding his costume that Jean Pierre is designing for him. MC is awed by Jean Pierre designing clothes for royalty (apparently a secret) and thanks her lucky stars for being able to work here. Wilfred then says he is here not only for that but also wishes to speak to MC. He then requests MC and Pierre to go his castle the next day.


I will be continuing the story in another post, please stay tuned! ^_^

Problems: Okay, I have a problem. The LOVE PASSES. You need 5 passes to advance the story everytime and they are used up really fast. <15 min into the game and I found myself out of passes. You need to wait till the next day when you get 5 more free love passes. That takes a lot of patience and I am not the most calm person when you excite me with an otome game for <15 min and tell me ‘Wait till tmr~’ ヽ(`Д´)ノ A solution is to buy more love passes but that requires gree coins which means $$$$.

I did not buy them as: 1) I already spent quite a lot of $ on MFW and PIL   2) I do not know if I will be able to replay the game again (this time on another prince) or would I have to purchase MORE gree coins (at least I could replay MFW and PIL as many times as I want once I purchased the character though it was rather laggy)

So I have decided to wait everyday for the free 5 passes. Well done Voltage, nice marketing strategy you have there .●︿●. Tempting otomes to play the game yet not fulfilling their otome needs o(╥﹏╥)o

Good points: The GREE interface is rather interesting as it allows you to make friends with other otomes by adding them as princess mates. You get to interact with other otomes who are really nice! The princess gacha and royal party are also cool. And also a job well done because a lot of us do not know who to pursue. All the princes are gorgeous, even the butler lol (─‿‿─).

Music: 0/5  There is absolutely no song at all. At first I maxed out volume on my cellphone and still heard nothing. I am a lil disappointed because Voltage songs are real nice (like PIL and MFW’s). But it may be due to the gree interface T_T

Artwork: 4/5  Voltage has not disappointed us by providing excellent artwork. The princes were captivating (°∀°). However, I do find it more blur compared to PIL and MFW.

Storyline: ?/5  Unable to rate yet because I haven’t finish the game~  But judging from the pv, I think Voltage must be trying to make all girls’ dream of marrying a prince come true. Especially after seeing the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton last year. Thank you Voltage {◕ ◡ ◕}

Postscript: I had a hard time choosing which prince I decided to pursue. Firstly I wanted Joshua because I loved his hair lol. Then I wanted Glenn cos he’s so cute!!! AND FINALLY I DECIDED TO CHOOSE





because I saw a photo of him wearing glasses with a white shirt and black tie!


Who will you choose?

– Yuki ^_^


48 thoughts on “Be My Princess for GREE Review (Part 1) [Edited]

    • You’ll get to choose him at level 6 if he’s in your compatibility chart! Don’t worry, it’s quite easy to get him 😀 I’ll upload part two by this week!

  1. Ehh??? Red Wine for Prince Edward? D: Aww T-T I chose White Wine ’cause he looks so angelic and I thought White Wine would get him > < Nice review though 😀 Looking forward to the next part! ^^

  2. Do u Know what I have ti Do to get Keith? I’m 4th Level and I think he’s my fav… Well, robbie, too

    • Ah if I’m not wrong, at level 5 there is a Jean Pierre fashion show with the MC’s suit designs and Keith will comment about how they are infantile. You then make a choice to stay or leave. Choose to stay and you’ll get to see Keith blush. That should improve your compatibility with him ^_^ If he’s in your compatibility chart you’ll get to choose him at level 6 😀

  3. Thank you for doing this! There are barely any blogs with Be My Princess to satisfy my cravings. I’m still waiting for the iOS version; aahh it’s taking forever to come out.

    • Glad you like it! =^.^= I was looking for Be My Princess reviews on the net but couldn’t find any so I decided to make one! The Japanese version is out on iOS but the English version not yet 😦

      • I downloaded the jap iOS version and it’s SO DIFFERENT from the Android version :O I’ve seen the prologue video at YT. Even though I couldn’t understand it, I know it’s different. XD What makes it all the different from the Android ver is that it has no Love Passes and the avatar thing; You have to buy the prince’s routes, I think. I guess what makes the eng ver free is that it is associated with Gree, so you can chat with other princesses XD

      • Ah I’ve heard the storyline is different, something like helping out an old man and he invites you to the castle lol. It’s nice being able to chat with other princesses (`・ω・´)

    • Hm my princess mates and I came to a conclusion that Joshua, Glenn and Edward may be available only after completing one prince’s route. So far only Prince Wilfred, Keith and Roberto appeared in our compatibility chart. I’ve never seen any princess in kingdom of Dres Van I’ve only seen princesses in kingdom of Altaria, Philip and Liberty. But later on during the fashion show at level 5 you meet Joshua and have to make a choice to ask why he is here or say that he should not be here. Choose to ask why he is here and that may improve his relationship with you

  4. Thank sooo much for doing this its really helped me. This is my very first otome game! I’m shooting for either Joshua or Wilfred I can’t decide!! I’m not very far into the game( I’m leaving the ball). So I have not had much interaction with Joshua. Can’t wait for part 2!

  5. I was playing the game and I had 2 more love passes, but it says I need more Royal Factors. It says I need 5000 to go to the next mission. I went to parties to get some, but I need like 4000 more -.- Do I need to get 5000 royal factors to continue playing? Help?

    • Yes this is true, and it has taken me weeks so far and only halfway there, what a stupid thing to do to us in this game, makes me want to quit altogether!

      • But you were supposed to get a violin somewhere along the line before that mission, and if you use that(its in your items) you get 3000 royal factors!!

        Sadly though, somewhere along the line you have to get 15000 royal factors before resuming the game and i hate it. I only have half of it-__-

        Not liking the missions at all.

  6. is there a way like if I started over and made different choices or something I could get around this or have more royal points when I arrive at this horrible mission that makes me want to kick and break things….

    • I think you can improve on compatibility with your chosen prince by making correct choices from the start + saving up as many royal factors as you can from the start ^_^ it’s quite frustrating, either having insufficient royal factors or cruz to buy sweet route 😦

  7. Hey, i had hard time choosing the princes too, and i was thinking just like you, then finally i settled with wilferd XD He’s just so HOT!!!!

  8. Thanks for ur post! Love it!
    But do u know how to get prince Edward.. and it isnt necessary to do sweet route? Because i skipped it at lvl 4 with Wilfred.. (⊙ω⊙)

  9. hard time choosing princes…..thinking either Edward or Robbie!
    although Wilfred is SO SWEET!!!!!
    Love the review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hello just for clarification I actually got Prince Edward on my first attempt :O so I don’t think you have to play other princes before those three… Those three were probably not out yet when you guys were playing… oh yuki I wanna add you as a princess mate… but there’s too many yukis… 😥 and how do u actually manage to interact with other mates with such word limits? And is anyone playing the valentine event? XD It’s too cute…

  11. I bought 500 gree coins yesterday morning and when i go into the game to buy love passes it says i have zero. But in gree i have 500.
    Whats going on??

  12. Hi! Ive got a mission where i need a dress and leather bag but i cant buy it with cruz! I have no coins, i need to buy it with cruz…

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