Be My Princess for Gree (Butler Intro)

Alright! Here’s the introduction of the butlers!


Master: Prince Wilfred

Personality: Strict, Loyal, Harsh

2) LUKE (Youngest Butler)

Master: Prince Keith

Personality: Loyal, Mature


Master: Prince Roberto

Personality: Loyal, Friendly

4) JAN (Sometimes Jean but I think it’s Jan cos Jean is Monsieur Jean Pierre ^_^)

Master: Prince Joshua

Personality: Cheerful, Loyal

Details: [Spoiler: Orphan raised in Nerwan Kingdom. Becomes Prince Joshua’s butler to spy on Dres Van. Prince Joshua knows he’s a spy from the beginning]

5) YUU (My Favourite! ≧◡≦)

Master: Prince Glenn

Personality: Refreshing, Polite, Kind

Details: [Spoiler: Childhood friend of MC and has a crush on her. Will vie with Prince Glenn for MC]


Master: Prince Edward

Personality: Loyal, Strict

Details: [Spoiler: Orphan. Met Prince Edward at the orphanage as kids and is very good friends with Prince Edward. Can read Edward like a book]

Lastly, ZAIN

Master: Lord Michel

Personality: Loyal

Sorry for the repetitive adjectives T_T   I do not know how to describe them

*Pictures are screenshots from my phone*

Anyway these butlers remind me of MEI CHAN NO SHITSUJI!!!

Don’t you think so?!

By the way I heard that Be My Princess for Gree Japanese Version allows you to go after the butlers! Why isn’t it available for English version? (╥﹏╥)  I wanna go after Yuu…

He reminds me of  Shibata Rihito (`・ω・´)


Signing off,

Yuki ^_^ /~~


2 thoughts on “Be My Princess for Gree (Butler Intro)

  1. uhmm.. do you know the denominations on purchasing gree coins?.. and.. what could i possibly get when i take on the sweet route?..

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