Be My Princess for Gree Poll! :D


12 thoughts on “Be My Princess for Gree Poll! :D

  1. Surprised to see that Josh is the most popular one~! A the first glance, I like Will but then find out his route is not so good (too many Claude, Cecil, Steven x_x….)~

      • Claude is kinda annoying lol~ It seems like he’s the head boss and blah blah blah ;-). I just start Josh’s route, just wonder if his route or Keith’s route is more fascinating?

      • Hehe the 2 tsunderes! I think both their routes are intriguing ๐Ÿ˜€ but Josh’s route may seem better because there’s no one to stop the relationship between the two of you and it’s legitimate ^_^

      • Oh thx a lot! I can’t decide between Will, Keith and Josh~

        *off topic* Btw I heard that Voltage will release a new game based on Gossip Girl, called “Gossip Girl โ€“ New York De Koi No Yokan”, I can’t wait for it!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Ha! Everyone is picking on Claude… I think about playing Will’s route only because I want to see more of Claude. His hair is sessy! ^_^ voltage GIVE US ALREADY THE BUTLERS!

  3. I WANT LUKEEEEEE awwwwww Luke Honney wait for me !!! โค *_* But my favorite prince is ABSOLUTLY Edward !!!! โค

  4. Wow I was surprised by the poll. Seems like many people like Prince Joshua. I admit Prince Willfred and Glenn was handsome too, but Joshua is the the most handsome of all the princes from other kingdom. That’s my opinion though. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I played Joshua’s route and it was throbbing hurt and painful sometimes, but can be very sweet, romantic or even downright funny and silly. Guarantee to make to smile, grinning or even giggling like a fangirl. WATCH THE VOLTAGE ONE on Youtube ; I love it. XD
    I currently played the Gree one, so far haven’t really got that interesting than the voltage one but Idk maybe after they started to grow closer it will be very interesting.
    I like Will’s face too, he’s cool but I don’t really get his personality that much. Prince Joshua is very obviously like a TSUNDERE. A very cute one at that. I really recommend you watch his route.
    He’s just plain sweet if you looked closer. Lol! XD

    The prince I like in order of the rank :
    1) Prince Joshua
    2) Prince Glenn
    3) Prince Wilfred ( if face only Will might be in rank 2)
    4) Prince Roberto
    5) Prince Keith ( Face only, rank 4 )
    #) Prince Edward
    To be truth, I don’t really like Prince Edward, idk why, maybe his royal uniform which is quite umm.. doll-like ya know, the ruffles-like? And he looked like a female to ME. No offense to Prince Edward’s fans but that’s my opinion ( Freedom of Speech remember? ). Please don’t flame me.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I hope they made another amazing otome game ( boys can play them too don’t worry )!
    Another thing I like from Gree, we played it free! Though the price with ender are quite expensive.. But oh well.
    Oh but I wish the energy got refill faster however or the action cost less number.

    What about you guys? Why you choose that prince? ๐Ÿ™‚

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