MoteMote – Love story for Girls Review

Hi hi, today’s otome game review is MoteMote – Love story for Girls from the Android Market.  [SPOILER ALERT]

I played MoteMote alongside Be My Princess for Gree and decided to write this review since I finished the story for all 3 guys.


So in this story the MC is studying in high school where 3 guys fall in love with her. One of them is her childhood friend, another her class president and lastly a new student from United States. They do not tell MC that they have a crush on her at the beginning but it is rather obvious and they keep fighting over MC lol! (●´ω`●) It’s a rather short story with a few chapters.


Yusuke Saito

    Yusuke is the president of your class and you are the vice president. It seems that the two of you were forced to become class pres and vice pres. Yusuke is rather good at doing his job and helps MC with stuff such as the class’s accounts. He is the Megane Mr Nice Guy who is really smart and kind. He’s polite but shows a different side when fighting over MC with Santa and Syo, becoming possessive and does not give in (kya~♥‿♥). I like how he is the first one to confess to the MC ♥ Megane has guts! (≧o≦) Anyway in his ending he takes off his megane to kiss the MC! ≧◡≦ as shown in the CG above. I like his story the most out of the 3 guys as his was the most natural.

Santa Hanagata

Santa was the first guy I went after because I like sporty guys xD But… I was rather disappointed in his story 😦 So Santa has known MC since junior high school and is the leading player of the basketball club. He has harboured a crush on her since junior high but does not have the guts to confess to her  -__-” He only confesses after he barges in while Yusuke was confessing to the MC. What a party spoiler ਉ_ਉ Imagine you are Yusuke confessing to MC and all of a sudden Santa arrives and confesses as well and the MC goes off with him! I bet you’ll feel like bashing him x_x Anyway in his ending he invites MC to see his basketball match and saves her from getting hit by a basketball (as shown above). His cg is the least intimate lol!

Sho Shimakage

Syo is the new overseas student from America. He meets MC in the park while she was having a regular date with Santa. She accidentally bumps into him and leaves a mark shaped like a kiss on his shirt. At this part I was like wth? Isn’t his shirt dark coloured? The MC must have really good eyesight O_O MC apologises and Syo asks her to go out with her to compensate for dirtying the shirt. The next day, Syo is introduced to MC’s class as a new student and he goes up to her and kisses her cheek as a greeting. Hmm this sounds familiar…

Does it ring any bell?

In France what is actually done is like this picture below. Not literally landing a kiss on the person’s cheek but just placing your cheek next to the other person’s (for both sides).

So in the story Syo keeps talking about destiny and how MC is his, giving me some nostalgia from Starry Sky. In his ending, he goes to the park with MC and hides in the playground’s pipe. MC finds him and he kisses her 🙂

Problems: The english had errors at some parts but it was still quite understandable 🙂 I dint like the choices the MC had to make during Santa’s bball match. A ball coming towards you and you choose to stay there? O_O

Good points: Considering that this is a free game, it was rather well done (▰˘◡˘▰) I liked the backgrounds and the text displayer. The mini comic was interesting too.

Music: 0/5 There’s no music ◔_◔

Artwork: 2.5/5  I did not really like the in game design for Santa( ´_⊃`)I thought his body proportions were rather weird? Yusuke and Syo seemed to have bigger and more proportionate heads lol.

His eyes seem to be smaller than Yusuke and Syo’s as well. And his ears are real pointy like an elf’s lol. Well, it may be just me being picky xD but I prefer Santa’s cg and game cover design better. The chibis are also very adorable! (。◕‿◕。)


3/5  I found Syo’s storyline rather cliche and unreal 😦 and Santa was too much of a wuss for me. I liked Yusuke’s route though ^_^

Postscript: You’ll get a bonus mini comic if you answer a short feedback questions and give your opinion. I answered and got it 😀 This game has a exhaustion system where you can only proceed with the next chapter of the story after a certain time. You can cheat the system by changing your mobile’s timing xD

Here’s the bonus mini comic:


Santa showing what we really do in real life haha! It cracked me up! (°∀°)


It’s hilarious right? Haha. These mini comics were really well done! I liked them more than the in game art.

– Yuki ^_^


23 thoughts on “MoteMote – Love story for Girls Review

      • Haha, I also wish they have more mini comics, or maybe improve the graphic of Santa…. And BTW my favorite guy is Santa, 🙂 I think he’s more cool than the other two…

      • I see… Hehehe… Well, for the android I only got to play once in a while, cause it’s belong to my father, haha… My 1st otome game is motemote… At 1st I didn’t know what is otome game, so I start google the term… And found out there are a lot of them for PC, then I started to play on PC only… Cause I didn’t have psp or iphone…

      • Ok, thanks for the suggestions! 🙂 BTW, I did try the otome games by Voltage Inc, like Be My Princess, Pirates in Love, My Forged Wedding & Seduced in the Sleepless City, but only got to play the free prologue cause the money issue, >.< Those guys was so HOT! ahahahah XD

    • For starry sky in spring there’s an english patch 😀 I don’t know if english patches for the other versions have come out yet 😦 I played bloody call in chinese 😀 you can try ‘the second reproduction’ too, it is in english ^_^

      • Haha, ok… Maybe I’ll try it after my final exam in November… BTW, is it free? If it’s free, I would definitely try it, and I need some download link too… 🙂 And about the Japanese language, I only understand the words that was in Chinese, haha…
        If you don’t mind, I want to introduce myself appropriately… My name is Valerie Bong, but you can call me Veebie, cause it’s stand for my name initial (V.B)… I’m Chinese girl from Malaysia, though my Chinese wasn’t really good, haha… At least, I can read, speak and write the basics…
        & I may only reply your comment in December, after my exam…

      • Hi Veebie! First of all I’m so sorry for my late reply! 😦
        Yes it’s free! You can download the torrent from hongfire ^_^ You’ll have to download the original game in Japanese and the English patch. It’s a rather complicated process >_< I had to figure out for 2 days before I could play T_T

      • Haha, it’s okay… I thought you don’t want to reply…. I did write a lot, lol… Anyway, I already figure out about that from one of my friend about The Second Reproduction and Starry Sky~in Spring~… I download those games from Erogedownload… But I haven’t play it, (kinda lazy) haha… Thanks…. Thanks for reply my comment and also suggest those otome games to me… ^^

  1. I’ve downloaded this but can not be played, the screen says “fall to load users information, please restart this application” what should i do next?i mean i don’t understand how to restart the app please help me

  2. Dear Yuki-san,

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  4. Hayy.. I just download this game, but i can’t play it bcause error loading users please restart. How i can play it? Where’s the problem? Please help me.. Thank you..

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