Tokage Ouji

I decided to do a Manga of the Week where I would recommend a manga!

This week’s manga is Tokage Ouji!


Princess Canary is to go to an omiai (matchmaking session) with Prince Heath, a prince from another kingdom known for his flirting with women, drinking and gambling. She agrees but only to have the chance to preach to him about the way he rules his kingdom. Prince Heath is completely opposed to the idea and instead of going, gives his pet lizard a potion to turn him into an exact duplicate so that he may replace him. But when the lizard and Princess Canary meet, she is surprised to find herself falling in love with the prince thinking the rumours may not be true at all. What will happen when she discovers that the prince she’s falling in love with is actually a lizard? And what about the lizard, himself? What is his true form that he had forgotten? The prince’s long lost missing brother?

– Aerandria Scans

Author: Izumi Asuka

Artist: Izumi Asuka

Artwork: Characters were beautifully drawn (●´ω`●)  I went 萌え萌えover Sienna ♥‿♥

Storyline: Very well done! I went aww~♥ most of the time haha! It’s a rather short story though 😦 I want more chapters! There’s so much potential for this manga!

You can read this manga at:

– Yuki ^_^


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