Be My Princess for GREE Walkthrough (Part 2)

Hello all, I’m here to continue part 2 review of Be My Princess for GREE (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

First of all, SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY!!! (╥﹏╥) Real life was so hectic that I had no time to upload this review!


So here we continue the story ^_^

The next day, MC and Pierre goes to Chateau Philip where Prince Wilfred stays and meets Claude, Will’s personal butler (who is rather stern looking). He guides them to Wilfred’s room which is a study and Pierre and Wilfred talk about Will’s ceremonial outfit design. Prince Wilfred then discovers 2 designs that Pierre created for his private wear. Pierre recommends one of the design for Wills and Wills asks MC to give her opinion. Here you choose to:

Agree with Monsieur Pierre

Give your honest opinion – I chose this and Wills agrees that it is the more suitable design for him. Pierre is surprised and leaves to discuss matters with Claude. MC is left alone with Prince Wilfred and he moves to sit next to MC ≧◡≦ He pulls out an expensive fountain pen and gives it to MC. MC recognises it as a gift from her parents and it has her name engraved on it. Wills then prompts MC’s memories of their encounter at the airport before. He tells MC she dropped it there and a bodyguard found it and passed to him. MC gratefully thanks him but Wills apologises for taking so long to return it. She says it’s okay but Wilfred is puzzled as she had said earlier that it is an important momento (it seems that Wilfred is rather innocent and sweet awww..◕ ◡ ◕). MC explains that she is just happy to have the pen back and Wilfred says he is glad that he is the one that found it. Our darling Wilfred then does something unexpected by running the tips of his fingers along MC’s cheek! (kya~)

He talks about how it must be fate that he could meet MC a 2nd time at the ball and asks if they can meet again. MC is speechless because it’s a prince asking her, a commoner, to meet again! Someone then ruins the romantic moment by knocking on the door and Wilfred pulls away his fingers. Here MC’s heart goes doki doki ♥

The day after, Pierre tells MC that he is surprised that Wills asked MC for her opinion as he never asks others for their opinions. An employee then knocks on the door and says a design is missing for the new collection. Here you get a mission to buy and wear clothes and accessories for:

Sweet Route – 7200 cruz

Normal Route – 2400 cruz

I think the difference between the 2 is that you’ll get CGs for sweet route since you paid more while for normal route you just get the story. I played the sweet route.

It seems that one designer has disappeared along with a design sketch and cannot be found at her residence. Pierre then asks MC to sketch some designs for the upcoming collection. MC is of course flabbergasted as she just joined recently (3 days to be exact) and is given such an honour. She accepts the task and discusses with Naomi the next day. Naomi is shocked as MC is a total newbie. MC then recounts the conversion between Pierre and herself. She had asked Pierre why he chose her to design and he said because Wills asked for her opinion and he had seen the design sketches she sent in. MC tells Pierre she will do her best. Pierre rejects all her designs several days after as they were too conservative and on the safe side. He asks her to create something only she can create. Cynthia then appears and she says she has something to ask Pierre. She sees MC’s menwear designs and comments how it has no sex appeal and tells MC to imagine designing clothes for the guy she likes.

MC gets the day off and goes to the park to destress where she meets 2 women clutching a magazine with photos of hottie Prince Joshua and Glenn. MC decides to buy the magazine and gets the last copy luckily. She flips throughthe magazine to find the prince’s photos and here you make a choice of whose photo caught your eye:

Prince Joshua

Prince Glenn

Ehem, between the 2 I felt that Joshua was hotter so I chose him. MC comments on how Joshua is very tall, always holds himself straight and is the type where any kind of clothes would look good on him (you’re so right, girl). Someone covers her eyes and asks her to guess who and it is revealed to be….

our Prince Roberto who is here for a walk in Charles. MC says ‘What? A walk from Altaria to Charles?’ and Robbie reveals it’s for business and he met Edward earlier. Roberto is without any bodyguard and is wearing casual clothes, very unlike a prince. He asks MC why she was frowning and MC does not tell him. Robbie then very sweetly says that he cannot leave MC all alone and depressed and asks if she has free time, grabbing her hand (Robbie’s personality reminds me of Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High Host Club but Tamaki definitely looks like Wills).  

So they hop on Robbie’s private jet for several hours and arrives in the kingdom of…

Liberty! No prizes for guessing who stays there (─‿‿─). Robbie then calls out to Prince Keith using a very childish manner which irritates Keith lol.

MC has attitude haha (▰˘◡˘▰)

Roberto says they came over to play but Keith asks them to go home and labels them as trespassers. Robbie then rebuts and says Luke (Keith’s butler) let them in so they’re not and Keith murmurs how Luke is a bakaバ. Keith and Robbie continue to argue playfully and Keith says he would stuff Robbie’s mouth with soap if he keeps calling him Keithster lols ⊙▃⊙

Keith then stomps away angrily with Robbie and MC behind him. He leads them through a number of corridors until they arrive…


and says goodbye lol (^L^)

Robbie then talks about how MC is depressed and asks if Keith cares at all. Keith is about to walk away but stops halfway. Robbie calls this ‘The (insert name here) effect’ and Keith asks MC about her feeling depressed, showing his deredere side. Here you make a choice to say:

I have been a bit stressed

I’m really fine

I chose to say that I’m stressed to test Keith’s deredere side. Keith then says MC should all the more go home. MC is like ‘what?’ and Robbie helps translate Keith’s tsundere language that what he actually meant is that since MC is not feeling well, she shouldn’t be running around from place to place and should relax at home. (He was trying to be considerate). Robbie asks Keith to learn to express his feelings and Keith asks him to urusai lol. Luke then runs to Keith with a phone call from Prince Edward. Robbie snatches the phone from Keith and talks to Ed about how MC is depressed and asks him to say something to make MC feel better. Gentlemanly Ed notices MC is less genki and encourages her. MC feels better and thanks Ed and Robbie. Keith then snatches the phone back and scolds them (I sense some jealousy here Keith). MC goes home and imagines designing clothes for the prince she likes.

She gives Pierre her designs the next day and is approved by Pierre. On the day of the fashion show, MC finds a crowd of excited women, gets pushed by one of them and is about to fall when she is caught by Prince Joshua’s strong arms lol. The women around become even more excited and starts defaming MC. Josh then grabs MC’s hand and leads her away while asking Jan to hold back the hormone raging women. He brings MC backstage and runs with her to somewhere safe. MC thanks Josh and he comments how MC is nothing but trouble and is the girl who fooled around with Glenn. Josh asks MC what she is doing here and she reveals that she is an employee of Jean Pierre. He is shocked and says Pierre’s standards have dropped. Here you make a choice to say:

Why are you here, Prince Joshua?

I’m afraid this area is for staff only

I chose to ask him why and he says he is here to see the designs. MC comments how he must like Jean Pierre a lot and our tsun Josh blushes and denies. Wild Roberto and Edward appears and Robbie says Josh is having a rendezvous with MC. Curious, MC asks why they are here and Robbie explains how they are always invited to see Jean Pierre’s collection then remembers Wills was with them. Prince Wilfred appears behind, avoids MC’s eyes and goes off (Oh no, could it be due to Wills being jelly about my choice to talk to Josh?( ´_⊃`). Robbie follows but is blocked by Alberto, his own butler. Al complains how Robbie disappears whenever he let his guard down and they begin a funny bicker. Robbie says he is Al’s master and Al should stop talking about him like he is a mutt that pisses on the carpet whenever he’s not guarded (nice language, Prince Robbie ^_^). Al then rebuts how it would be easier if he ties Robbie with a collar lol! Louis (Ed’s butler) appears and Ed goes off with Robbie following. Josh then complains how Robbie totally forgot his presence. MC is left alone with Josh and Josh goes off, telling MC not to mess up the show and MC realises he is rather nice. MC rushes off to the show and bumps into Glenn who recognises MC, blushes and avoids MC’s gaze (awww~~).


– To be continued –

– Yuki ^_^


28 thoughts on “Be My Princess for GREE Walkthrough (Part 2)

  1. Awww, I think they’re all so damn cute…. Well, I chose Keith. He’s Kind of clumsy with his arrogance, haha! Can u tell me when w have to next Time cruz on sweet route? I’d like to know for which dress, too.

    Aww… Sry for my Bad english, I try Not be misunderstood….

    • Of course, I wanted to say: when Do we have to spend cruz on sweet route…. Guess my mobile is kind of dump. And evil as well.

    • It’s okay, I understand your english ^_^ Ah Keith is cute ❤ The next sweet route is the Outfit set for a simple date (the white straight dress with grey polka dots). It costs 18000 cruz T_T

  2. The main problem with this game is they do not reward you with enough cruz, there is no increase in the amount of cruz you get regardless of your royal status for those royal parties. The sweet route requires you to either have enough Royal Factors or cruz to buy new outfit. Currently trying to raise 18000 for a new outfit when I only have 15420 and I’m quite a frequent player.

    Of course if you want to spend real cash on the outfits, earning cruz is not a problem for you. I just feel that the mechanics of the game is ruining it for people who do not want to spend real cash.

    • Yes it does take so long to save up cruz T_T I skipped the sweet route and went the common route instead cos I was too eager to move forward in the game. And the consequence of that is that I missed a cg with Wills T_T I think Voltage made the game mechanics like that to earn money from us since they offered the whole game for free (unlike Pirates in Love or My Forged Wedding where only the prologue is free).

      • I don’t know why but I sort of preferred the format they used for pirates In love of my forged wedding. Even if you had to pay 3.99 it was a bit easier to control. Then again, I’m bankrupt with my iTunes money so I’ll appreciate this. It’s cool but I hope they make a voltage one of it in English.

  3. Well now they are having some special 24 hr promo, gacha points, cruz and royal factors are increased, good time to go crazy on gacha ^_^

  4. Ooooooh, I’m melting away…. Did u See this picture on Top site of bmp? Well, on my cg there’s keith…. Awwww….

    • Hi Zen,
      There used to be a glitch in purchasing route where you are unable to buy any route with cruz and coins. Do you have sufficient cruz to purchase the sweet route? Which platform are you using to play Be My Princess? Android or iOS? If they are asking you to pay you may have accidentally pressed purchase using coins. Because purchasing using cruz does not require money. Otherwise I’m not sure.. You can post the problem you’re facing at the review section of the game on the android market or apple store like what I did last time too ^_^

      • The same problem is happening to me. -.- I’m playing it on my iTouch and It’s 300 pc for either route and there is no option to pay with cruz. The options are- put on clothes in the closet- buy with points- or look in the store. The last two options are pc only and the clothes aren’t in my closet. I have about 10k cruz right now, so that should be enough, right?

      • Hm it’s 18k for some clothes 😦 these sweet route stuff costs so much x_x and I dun have sufficient closet space or room space either T_T have to delete my items 😥

  5. uhmm.. do you know the denominations on purchasing gree coins?.. and.. what could i possibly get when i take on the sweet route?.. thanks.. =)

    • CGs are computer graphics which are the lovely pictures you get of the princes ^_^ Definitely try to get sweet route! It allows you to get a longer story + a picture of your prince 😀

  6. HIII THEREE, i was reading a few of your pages, and i decided to comment here. THIS POST MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD, I THINK MY HOUSEMATES THINK IM CRAZY XD To be honest, i just moved to university and i’m home sick >..< Thanks for the hardwork toooo, [still laughing btw, keithster roflmao]

  7. omg i dont know why wordpress ate half my comment sjdkhkgh D: i meant to say that im homesick, AND THIS POST CHEERED ME UP XD and do post more soon! [still laughing btw, roflmaooo]

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