Be My Princess for GREE Walkthrough (Last Part of Prologue)

When I open my Be My Princess for GREE app, I am greeted by a wonderful cg of Keith at the top page ♥‿♥

It seems that Be My Princess for GREE has reached over 50,000 players! Voltage please continue making such games. I will support you! ^_^

Prince Glenn continues to blush and speaks to Yuu that he will go to the pavillion himself. He then speaks at the same time with MC and offers MC to speak first. MC clears up the misunderstanding Glenn had of her and Roberto. He tells her he wanted to talk about the same thing and that he believes MC. Glenn asks MC what she is doing there and she explains. He looks at her dressing and comments that it looks more like her while blushing furiously (Glenn is the blushing bride prince (≧o≦)  Glenn bids her farewell and leaves. The fashion show finally starts and MC’s designs are shown.

The night after the show, there is a party held for the success of the show where Prince Wilfred congratulates MC and touches her face (infront of everyone!) saying that she is truly something and it is why he is so facinated by her ≧◡≦ Joshua, Edward, Roberto, Keith and Glenn then appears. Ed and Robbie praises MC’s design pieces (without knowing she designed them) while Keith and Joshua think the designs are infantile. Keith and Joshua then bicker over sharing the same opinion -_- MC is rather sad and here you choose to:

Continue listening to them – Josh and Keith continue to comment about MC’s designs (w/o knowing she designed them)

Leave the conversation – Wills stops MC and asks her not to make such a sad face

Pierre appears and reveals that the designs were created by MC and everyone are shocked. Ed and Robbie praise the MC and asks if Jean Pierre can design their clothes.

Several days later, there is a scandal surrounding Jean Pierre that their last dress design was stolen from a rival company. The truth is revealed that there was a spy from a rival company. Jean Pierre would be closed for a short while. MC receives a letter from (insert chosen prince here) asking her to be his private designer and here you choose 1 out of the 3 princes in your compatibility chart. This ends the prologue! {◕ ◡ ◕}

PS: Will be giving an overall summary of Keith and Wilfred’s story once I’ve completed their routes!

– Yuki ^_^



46 thoughts on “Be My Princess for GREE Walkthrough (Last Part of Prologue)

      • we need 80000 rf!?
        I’m only at 40000, chapter 11… I managed to get 30000 RF due to the lucky hours thing they were holding for a few days. But now that it’s back to regular points, I get about 800 RF per um..I need to accumulate for 50 more days…

      • Yes 80000 rf! I can’t imagine completing 80000 rf for all 6 guys! @_@ But on the bright side, the lucky 24 hours is back! Starting from 26th July UTC 6.30am ٩(^‿^)۶

  1. Hi Yuki, firstly you are doing grate job 😉
    I am also playing My Princess and I already finished Wills and Keits routes. Now I am at Altaria kingdom 🙂 and I have one question if anyone knows. Do you know if you choose a prince with rank B, are you able to have a happy ending? I get a happy ending with Wills (he is anyway my fav) but with Keith I got normal ending and for thewhole story rank was B. Or it depends from your answers along the story?
    Thanks guys and have a great time playing it 😉

    • Thank you ^_^ and wow! You completed 80000 royal factors twice?! Cool! I think you’re still able to get an happy ending even though you choose a prince with rank B in the beginning. You’ll need to upgrade the rank to an A to get the happy ending. The answers you choose contribute to the rank (Keith’s rather challenging compared to Wilfred T_T).

      • Thanks for answering, yes it probably realy is that you can get a happy ending no mather the rank. But Keith realy is a little bit hard to crack hehe. But I totaly loved the story, more than Wilfred’s.
        For reaching the 80000 rf I did a little spending. I just couldn’t wait.

  2. Yay, you finished the prologue walkthrough! And so did I. I’m a little annoyed that I could have answered differently from yours ’cause I want to know the alternate dialogues, haha! In the end, I still became most compatible with Will and the least with Keith OTL I think you have to choose the tsundere answers for Keith’s “right” answers.

    I just chose Prince Keith’s route, I can’t wait for their adventures<3

    • Keith is more challenging compared to Wills (ㄒoㄒ) His choices are less obvious as to which is the correct one. Haha I tried to be tsun to the tsun Keith too! ^_^ And don’t worry I won’t post anymore spoilers! xD Enjoy your adventures with Keith!

  3. Hmm, I’d like to Know how this whole System works like? I play the Keith-route with love passes. And then? If I want to play same route again, Do I have to wait again? Or will I be able to play it at once?

    • I’m not sure, I’ll like to know as well 😦 that’s why I do not dare to buy love passes. I’m thinking what if I have to buy new ones to replay the same route with different answers? :O

  4. I chose Keith and I’m too bloody excited and i can’t wait for the love passes to restock again so could you give me some spoilers and a rough summary?? Sorry haha this game is just too addictive.

    • Yep it’s indeed addictive! Hm I’m not too far into the game yet but Keith’s a tsundere so he’s full of surprises (◡‿◡✿) It’s also quite challenging to choose the correct answers for his route >_<"

  5. Ok so my rank of compatibility with Wilfred is S so what does that mean it was A forever then went to S? So confused.

    • Ah, are you nearing the end of the route or completed it? S stands for Special ^_^ It’s even better than A and the highest 😀 You’ll get the happy ending since your chemistry with Wills is perfect and if your royal factor is high, you’ll get the secret happy ending with a gift from him!

      • Omg I’m sorelieved!!! I was scared me and Joshua began to have bad compatibility 😥 I’m so excited for this ending oooooooo !!
        Joshua is so sexy

  6. Hi. Like your site! It is full of interesting info.
    I am at the first rout ever, I am with Will. I jsut came to level 14, and wait every day for new passes, ist quite difficulte to handel! Yep, it makes kind of adictive! So I deceided to by coins. I have now a problem, I bought some, I can see them on my “google wallet purchase history”, but nowhere else they do appear! When I try directly from BMP App, throught GREE… they told me I am not right logged in. I should relogg as owner of the App!
    Any idea what I do wrong?! I realy would like to use them! I will be tomorrow at level 15, and I need about 25.000 more RF to get to next level! And I will not survive wait a complete month to know what will happen!!!!

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Arigato gozaimasu for your support! ^_^
      Hmm for solving your problem,
      Try opening BMP App -> Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Purchase GREE coins’ -> Check ‘My coins’
      Since you are able to see them on your google wallet purchase history, it means that your payment is completed. Also, have you tried relogging in? Try opening the BMP app and finding your coins. Try logging into GREE then opening BMP from there. If all these fails, you can contact your service provider and tell them about your situation lest you get charged for something you did not receive 😦 Hope this helps solve your problem ^_^

      • Hi,
        thank you for your answere… actualy, I am affraid to log out. Becaus I have no clue what are my password. I installed BMP once, didn´t understood the prologue time (thought it would only be like a book, seemd long for me at that time.) So I desinstalled it. But very short time after that, I installed it a second time. And since then… I am a little bit addicted 🙂
        I tryed a mail to Gree… but have no answere. I did it twice, first because I can´t see my room (I have a Samsung mobile that doesn´t support flash player. So it has no possiblity to see my room). Then I asked about purchased coins… still wainting!
        And now I have Rank A with Will, and 65.000 RF waiting badly to gain new RF… I need the 80.000 to pass next level. But with coins that I can´t used… I am a little depressed!
        I guess I´ll have to writ Gree a new time, hopping to have soon an answere! 🙂

  7. hi.. i have a question 🙂 how do i actually know what Keith likes? haha. i’m having a hard time choosing answers. and the rank is still B!! >_<

  8. Playing Prince Joshua’s after designing the outfits For the party, at the end it says that it lips met!!! I wish I had more love passes to continue the story! Any spoilers???

  9. Hi, I really love ur post here hahas I have a qns actually I am at the last part and chemistry is s but I do want a secret happy ending so was wondering the royal factor have to meet how much to be consider high ? Thanks

  10. heyyy.. Love u blog.. Hehe ♥♥ i havee a questioonn.. May i askkk? Do you know why the room can’t be display?? My room only showing white screen. Totally blankk.. 😦 any advice. Thanks >_<

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