Be My Princess for GREE update

YAY! Prince Glenn will be out at the end of July! ≧◡≦ He looks gorgeous!

I’m excited cos I love Yuu and Alan!!! ♥‿♥

Are you?

And omg there are 100,000 players already 😀


– Yuki ^_^


19 thoughts on “Be My Princess for GREE update

  1. Glenn route is out! I was going :DDD when I saw it and wanted to share this with you all! But our compatibility is C yet…

  2. Please help me, I think I keep selecting the wrong choices for Keith route. D:
    I always choose the tsundere options, and right after I do that I feel like I should
    have been a good girl or something; Keith keeps yelling at me, lmao.

    • Darling, I had to start over at bmp. My Name now is Angelina. Hope we can find each other again! U were a wonderful mate (T~T) don’t get lost!

      • Whaa?? Why? What happened? Write on my message board so that I can add you back. (T_T) Let’s see you can find me via Ashley’s, Mina’s, Jo’s, Isabella’s wall. I’ll be posting greetings now. They’re top players. You can access the list at front page. I visited your page though it’s still there? Do I unadd you so that I can add your new account?

  3. Hey there, found out there’s a bug! Nobody were able to get A compatibility with Keith. Supporters going to fix that.

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