Meru Puri

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High school freshman Airi Hoshina has her life goals all planned out – meet a wonderful boy, get married by age 20, and enjoy an ordinary, loving family life. However, Airi’s plan breaks down when she loses an heirloom hand mirror she carries on the way to school. She finds it in the hands of a lordly little boy named Aram, who just used it as a portal from a magical world. Aram has come to Airi’s world in hopes of outrunning trouble at home, but it soon becomes clear that he can no more accomplish that than he can keep Airi from getting mixed up in it.

– Mangafox

Author: Hino Matsuri

Artist: Hino Matsuri

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Supernatural

Artwork: What you would expect from famous mangaka Hino Matsuri who drew Vampire Knight? Super hot and sexy men? Check. Beautiful backgrounds? Check. Detailed drawing? Check.

Storyline: Loved it to bits!! Reading it over and over again never bores me. The ending was ichiban!!

You can read this manga at:


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