Kabaya Saku Panda Chocolate Cookie

This week’s confectionery is…

the super kawaii Kabaya Saku Panda Chocolate Cookie!! ᵔᴥᵔ






Brand: Kabaya

Packaging: 4/5  Look at the different faces of the panda cookies and you’ll go kawaii!!! \(^ω^\)

Appearance: 4/5  The cookies were smaller than I thought ^_^ There were also other faces besides the ones shown on the packaging. I liked the angry face xD It has to be one of the cutest cookies I’ve ever seen! The inside packaging looked like a wet tissue packet though…>_<”

Taste: 4/5  Thick layer of white and milk chocolate! If you’re a chocolate lover you’ll love this cookie!

Repurchase possibility: 3/5  Packet was rather small with a few cookies 😦

Do store it in the fridge or a cool place! Mine melted a little and the panda cookies stuck together >_<”

– Yuki ^_^


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