Be My Princess for GREE (Prince Joshua) + Updates

Guess who’s going to be released next?






Yes it’s our JOSHUA LIEBEN!

Which means only Prince Edward is left! I wonder when he will be released hmm…

Joshua should be released somewhere in the middle of August ^_^


I hope there is a promotion that comes along with Josh’s release ;D

Prince Glenn’s promotion has been extended to August 30th (UTC) as well! So princess mates have a second chance to get all 10 free gifts 😀

There is also a weekend special of Royal factors x2 and Cruz x3 when you attend royal parties from August 9th – 12th UTC!

– Yuki ^_^


5 thoughts on “Be My Princess for GREE (Prince Joshua) + Updates

  1. I have a question bout the game… I keep getting this glitch where in gacha draws and royal party scenes the picture in blank Dx

    • Do you have Adobe Flash? Android 2.1 or higher is also required but it does not support Android OS 4.0 or higher T_T I am unable to view my it’s in a huge mess.

  2. If i chose to change my route from prince Willfred to prince Edward before reaching an ending and switch back to Willfred will i have to start the route over or will it set be back where i left off?


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