Be My Princess

No, it’s not April Fool’s Day.

Nor is it a parody of our Be My Princess for GREE (Like what I thought initially)

It’s officially by Voltage.


Hello no, MC! though he’s as kind as Prince Edward.

Erm, this old man looks like he’s out of a horror movie O_O

Of course not, I’m staying in Philip with my Prince Wilfred A Spencer.

Wait, what?! You’re also called Wilfred A Spencer? Haha this is a joke right? How can you be my lovely Wills? And what’s with your face? My Wills can pull off a stoic face better!

And who is this? Prince Roberto Button?! Woah what did you do to your hair?

Woah am in Forks? Why do I see a vampire? That’s supposed to be Prince Keith? OMG Prince Keith why were you bitten by a vampire?!  Or wait, are you trying to look like a vampire? -_-”

Reality check, my Keithster is not into cosplay because he’s too much of a tsun to want to dress up as anyone but himself.

Prince Glenn and Prince Joshua? Erm sorry ‘Prince Joshua’, you don’t look like my Joshua Lieben at all. At least the other princes had similar costumes as Be My princess for GREE’s version. And ‘Prince Glenn’, why are you trying to pull off a Taylor Lautner (Jacob) look?

I know ‘Prince Keith’ was trying to look like Edward Cullen and you’re kinda against ‘Keith’ and you’re supposed to be around the same age as Twilight’s Jacob Black but still… @_@


Artwork was terrible! What’s with the toning  of the characters’s skin? And the photoshopped clothes and hair? Oh, the hair. Don’t even get me started on it -_- I guess this is what happens when you try to make a visual novel with real life looking people? So scary O_O They look like rejected drawings for the Picture of Dorian Gray. No way am I going to spend money on this.

I rather Voltage release the Japanese version Be My Princess. I heard the storyline’s different from the GREE version ^_^ and there’s no need to wait for Love Passes nor having to complete missions. Now, I would pay for that.

PS: Imagine a Justin Bieber version of this

or a One Direction version


– Yuki ^_^


13 thoughts on “Be My Princess

  1. Its actually really good. I finished Keith and the storyline is VERY different from the gree version. Also, you don’t even take much notice of the artwork after awhile although it bugged the crap outta me at first. If it weren’t for the artwork it would be a 5/5 for me. Voltage always does amazing but the artwork really wasn’t necessary. Don’t fix what ain’t broke!

    Otherwise – very much enjoyed it 😀

  2. It actually hurts to look at what they did to Keith 😥 How could they think this was a good idea? All we wanted was a non-gree version on BMP we definatly did not ask for this.

    I want my anime boys back 😡

  3. I did wilfred and keith. I actually really liked Keiths story it was impressive to me. Granted the artwork isn’t the best in the world but it could have been a lot worse. Once you start tolerating the guys looks and pay more attention to the story its REALLY good 🙂 Wilfred was good but his story is still the easiest. But I would like the anime boys back lol.

  4. I played both Wilfred and Keith stories and I really liked them a lot. After a while, you get used to the photoshop artworks, thanks to the storyline which is really engrossing. Besides, pathes are completely different from the gree version so it’s like you start a whole new story.

    However, I also feel more comfortable with the manga artwork. And this, especially during the CG events whose design, in my opnion, doesn’t often match with the character game appearance.

    I will put a 4/5 note in the end, but still recommend to buy it.

  5. I’d use “horrible” to describe the artwork of Edward, Roberto and Glenn. They look like my grandpa lol. But I think Wilfred is okay and I quite like the realistic version of Prince Keith ;). I guess they wanna make Keith resemble Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl) rather than Edward Cullen.

  6. I’m playing Wilfred’s story, luv him! He’s so cute >3<~ It's better than the Gree ver 'cause we don't need to use da love passes. But I dislike the way they make Claude too resemble Wilfred x_x

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