Be My Princess for GREE (Halloween)
















Halloween event coming soon! It has a rather long duration as well! Anyway why is only Robbie in costume? I wanna see Wills and Keith in costumes as well! Anyone can guess what Robbie’s dressing up as? Mad hatter? ^_^


And if anyone noticed, Voltage gave us a cg of Robbie to apologise for not being able to play with iOS6!


















There’s also the new message card where you can write a letter to your prince and receive some reply mails from him. You’ll also get some storyline? They gave free demo of the message card but it was so short @_@

It’s just about how MC wrote a letter thanking Wills for always being so kind to her and Monsieur Pierre reading the letter (without permission). Wills arrives at the right moment and gets the letter from MC. There would be a reply from him but I have yet to receive it x_x

















Looking forward to Christmas Event which I think they will be having! 😀

– Yuki


14 thoughts on “Be My Princess for GREE (Halloween)

  1. Hi!
    How many chapters, or love passes are needed to finish a story? I reached stage 2… and all those missions are making me bad! But I´d like to finish one prince (the one I started yet, Will! My fav now…)
    Thank you 🙂

      • 28 passes for a story? that’s equal to 6 days of love passes! not to mention that i also spent them for normal romance story. argh, I just started playing this game few days ago and I’m in a rush! hopefully I got to finish my story… I love the double lucky hours but it drains my health like crazy! and its hard to increase my love charms over such a short period of time (the gree coins are expensive!)~

      • I just realised it’s 30 love passes per story! >_< sorry for the wrong info! But yes it's 6 days of love passes! I'm lagging behind for my normal route T_T

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