My Sweet Bodyguard for GREE

Voltage’s My Sweet Bodyguard is now finally available on GREE platform!


You’re an undergraduate working part time as a mascot in a themepark when suddenly a man points a gun at you! O_O He asks you to confirm your identity and to see your face. Dumbstruck, a lady you don’t know suddenly appears and asks if you have been waiting long. Before the man can do anything else, several bodyguards appear and capture the man! You are then whisked away on a helicopter ride with two of them! Who are they? Why were you targeted? Weren’t you just a normal university student?

They tell you that you’re going to meet the Prime Minister! Upon reaching the Prime Minister’s office, he is revealed to be your FATHER as you are his LONG-LOST DAUGHTER! You are being targeted because you are his only relative left and can be a pawn of his enemies. Who are the enemies? It is not revealed…

To ensure your safety, you need to choose between 3 (future 6) hot bodyguards to protect you 24/7! Including living and going to university with you! However, there are 3 rules which you have to comply to:

Can anyone tell who the above are? No.2 with the cuffs is hot!


1) Subaru Ichiyanagi

Subaru graduated top of his class in Havard too!

2) Kaiji Akizuki

3) Daichi Katuragi

I think he would be similar to Kippei of In Your Arms Tonight 🙂

4) Sora Hirosue

There’s always such a character in Voltage’s otome games lol!

Examples: Mirai from Seduced in the Sleepless City, Roberto from Be My Princess for GREE, Yuta from My Forged Wedding

Eh? Who is this? She’s _ _ _ _

5) Mizuki Fujisaki

6) Seiji Goto

For the moment only Subaru’s, Kaiji’s and Daichi’s routes are available

I’m expecting Voltage to release the other 3 just like how they released Glenn, Joshua and Edward for BMP GREE  \(^_^)/

So who has caught your eye?

I personally find Seiji’s character design the most good-looking! Too bad he’s not introduced yet (not even in prologue…)

Daichi’s and Seiji’s personalities are the most interesting to me. Since Daichi has lack of experience in love, I think he would blush profusely haha. I am a sucker for shy guys xD blushes keep me going! Melt a serious leader’s heart!

The 3 leads available now:

Who will you choose?

Shall save the best for the last so Subaru here I come!

Off to ikemen paradise,



20 thoughts on “My Sweet Bodyguard for GREE

  1. Wow! Thank you for giving us a glimpse! I’ll start playing this one of these days. I am personally interested with Fujisaki, but it might take some time to do his route, though. I’m settling for Katsuragi, I guess. Awkward leaders, hihi!

  2. I really enjoy this game as well as “Be My Princess”. I’m all about romance and all, but I can’t get past a few issues I am having with the in game play and the near necessity to purchase “Guard Coins” or “Princess Coins”. I don’t think it’s fair or practical that there are things that you need to purchase in these games to continue to advance (i.e. closet space, clothing items) but that you can only do it by purchasing fake currency with real currency. I feel that this practice will force a lot of players out of game play if an adjustment is not made. Also, the price to purchase this fake currency is not equivalent to what is being spent in real currency. I think that if you we’re to offer more GC or PC for less you’d sell more of it (I.e. $99.99 = 9999GC or top it off at $50.00 purchases at a time with $50.00 = 5000). Something along those lines. I hope what I say gets seriously considered. I didn’t take all those business classes for fun after all. Thank you!

    • Hi! Hm I think the way I introduced the game in my blog made me seem like I’m from Voltage haha >__<

      Maybe you can do the same as what I do to advance in the game without spending a single cent?
      I discard my clothings etc every time my storage or closet is full and sell off the extra items from gacha to earn Cruz (from Be My Princess for GREE) and Ender (My Sweet Bodyguard)
      Hope this helps! ^_^

  3. Hello! I’ve found your blog recently and I got very very excited xD Never thought I’d be so happy to read fellow otome games lover’s experiences.
    You also played Pirates In Love? Who is your favourite character? I love Eduardo xDD
    and for My Sweet Bodyguard I chose Kaiji *.*

    Oh! Also I was very happy to read a new manga about student x teacher relationship !!^,^
    Do you know any other good mangas about girl student and male teacher? Majority I read were the opposite..- male student attempting to date either a sexy confident teacher or a shy, big breasted teacher x.x
    Thank you!

    • Hi! I’m so happy that you like reading my blog! ^_^ Yep! I played Pirates In Love 😀 My favourite is Eduardo too! Kaiji is sweet ❤ He keeps wooing the MC in Katsuragi's route haha! Yep, I know a few good ones! You can try 'Faster than a Kiss' and '7th Period is a Secret' 🙂

  4. Really… It’s nice to see people with the same interest 😀
    I have a pict of someone from the MSB, but he’s not even in the story. His name is Kurozawa, do you know him?
    I also played BMP and PIL :’)
    Love them all~~
    I wish they’re real 😐

  5. It’s nice to see people with the same interest here 🙂
    Btw, do you know who is Kurozawa from MSB? MC always bumped with him ==
    I also play BMP and PIL, and i want to play My Forged Wedding OwO
    The last two cost so much for each character 😥

  6. Lol I did this the first week it came out a d I meant to chose Kaigi but I accidentally click Daci ( Idk how to spell it) so I became very sad. In his route you’re chasing after HIM. he says he can’t fall in love and do his job at the same time. Like oil and water. It isn’t till thesecondto last chapter he finally admits his feelings but ends up quiting his job. Currently I’m on the secret happy ending and I need 36000 ender so I need 10000 more. Sadly I get 50 endee for every gaurd I do so this is gonna take me weeks. T-T

  7. Hello! I really like your blog^_^ It’s really interesting 😀 I hope I can play this game ( my sweet bodyguard) too. But can this be played on computer for free ?

  8. hi! love your amazing posts!! have you tried Darling Celebrity? It’s a heart throb romance with a celebrity! kyaaaaaa~ haha It’s from gree too… Just wanna share 😀

  9. For those three pics, I know the first one is Kaiji for sure. But I’m not sure for the other two. The chief and Subaru come to mind, do you know by now who those two are?

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