Be My Princess for GREE (Halloween)
















Halloween event coming soon! It has a rather long duration as well! Anyway why is only Robbie in costume? I wanna see Wills and Keith in costumes as well! Anyone can guess what Robbie’s dressing up as? Mad hatter? ^_^


And if anyone noticed, Voltage gave us a cg of Robbie to apologise for not being able to play with iOS6!


















There’s also the new message card where you can write a letter to your prince and receive some reply mails from him. You’ll also get some storyline? They gave free demo of the message card but it was so short @_@

It’s just about how MC wrote a letter thanking Wills for always being so kind to her and Monsieur Pierre reading the letter (without permission). Wills arrives at the right moment and gets the letter from MC. There would be a reply from him but I have yet to receive it x_x

















Looking forward to Christmas Event which I think they will be having! 😀

– Yuki


Be My Princess for GREE (Prince Roberto Secret Vacation)

Voltage’s releasing one prince’s secret vacation every week. Ah there goes the money @_@

This week’s Prince Roberto ^_^ He’s such a big kid at heart lol. To Italy!

Next should be Prince Glenn I suppose?

– Yuki

Be My Princess for GREE (Prince Keith Event) + Others

After visiting China with Prince Wilfred, you’ll be going on a secret vacation with Prince Keith ≧◡≦

You’ll both go to Egypt ٩(^‿^)۶

I predict that the next prince to go on secret vacation would be Roberto since the 3 of them are the ‘starter’ princes (▰˘◡˘▰)

Looking forward to Joshua’s! (≧o≦)

But argh, it’s impossible to complete the stories without love passes ヽ(`Д´)ノ


There’s still the Lucky 24 hours going on now! Yay!~ And it has gacha x6! Man, been waiting for that!

and there’s also the Fashion Week (Autumn collection) going on:

– Yuki

Be My Princess for GREE (Prince Wilfred Event)

So there’s Prince Wilfred’s event going on now ^_^

You’ll be travelling to Shangon Kingdom (which is China in real life) to see the baby pandas with Wilfred xD (without the approval of major cockblocks Claude + Royal family)

It’s a side story with a free prologue and 5 stages of the story. Each stage requires 5 love passes so you’ll need a total of 25 love passes. It’s impossible to complete the story without buying love passes -_- Oh well, I’ll just play it anyway heh ;D It may be worth it to buy love passes since you’ll be able to get the items + the story’s really steamy hehe…

Oh Wills, you’re saying stuff with sexual innuendo ≧◡≦ and I like!

You know what I mean? ^//////^

My face reddened when I read this part lol~ oh Wilfred..

So yep, you should try the story out!

– Yuki

Be My Princess for GREE (Prince Edward Promotion)

They ended Josh’s campaign early T_T

Anyway, here’s Ed’s campaign 🙂



















In my opinion, Ed’s items are the nicest ^_^ though I prefer Glenn’s hair item lol.

I haven’t completed Josh’s story 😥

Why did BMP end Josh’s campaign so early… Glenn’s campaign had an extension but not Josh’s?! @_@

– Yuki