Be My Princess for GREE (Prince Edward Promotion)

They ended Josh’s campaign early T_T

Anyway, here’s Ed’s campaign 🙂



















In my opinion, Ed’s items are the nicest ^_^ though I prefer Glenn’s hair item lol.

I haven’t completed Josh’s story 😥

Why did BMP end Josh’s campaign so early… Glenn’s campaign had an extension but not Josh’s?! @_@

– Yuki


Be My Princess for GREE (Prince Edward)














And yes, ED WILL BE OUT SOON! At the end of August!

Just when I’m still doing Josh’s route T_T

I bet there will be free items for doing Ed’s route as well (since Ed’s from France, I’m sure the items will be beautiful!)

On the bright side, Ed’s release should bring another Lucky 24h! Time to spam royal parties~ Woots!~

There’s also the weekend promotion of clothes from Roberto, Wilfred and Keith’s routes!






























So yep, these are the items ^_^

– Yuki

Be My Princess

No, it’s not April Fool’s Day.

Nor is it a parody of our Be My Princess for GREE (Like what I thought initially)

It’s officially by Voltage.


Hello no, MC! though he’s as kind as Prince Edward.

Erm, this old man looks like he’s out of a horror movie O_O

Of course not, I’m staying in Philip with my Prince Wilfred A Spencer.

Wait, what?! You’re also called Wilfred A Spencer? Haha this is a joke right? How can you be my lovely Wills? And what’s with your face? My Wills can pull off a stoic face better!

And who is this? Prince Roberto Button?! Woah what did you do to your hair?

Woah am in Forks? Why do I see a vampire? That’s supposed to be Prince Keith? OMG Prince Keith why were you bitten by a vampire?!  Or wait, are you trying to look like a vampire? -_-”

Reality check, my Keithster is not into cosplay because he’s too much of a tsun to want to dress up as anyone but himself.

Prince Glenn and Prince Joshua? Erm sorry ‘Prince Joshua’, you don’t look like my Joshua Lieben at all. At least the other princes had similar costumes as Be My princess for GREE’s version. And ‘Prince Glenn’, why are you trying to pull off a Taylor Lautner (Jacob) look?

I know ‘Prince Keith’ was trying to look like Edward Cullen and you’re kinda against ‘Keith’ and you’re supposed to be around the same age as Twilight’s Jacob Black but still… @_@


Artwork was terrible! What’s with the toning  of the characters’s skin? And the photoshopped clothes and hair? Oh, the hair. Don’t even get me started on it -_- I guess this is what happens when you try to make a visual novel with real life looking people? So scary O_O They look like rejected drawings for the Picture of Dorian Gray. No way am I going to spend money on this.

I rather Voltage release the Japanese version Be My Princess. I heard the storyline’s different from the GREE version ^_^ and there’s no need to wait for Love Passes nor having to complete missions. Now, I would pay for that.

PS: Imagine a Justin Bieber version of this

or a One Direction version


– Yuki ^_^

Be My Princess for GREE (Prince Joshua Promotion)

Remember in my previous post when I said ‘I hope there is a promotion that comes along with Josh’s release ;D’?

Now there really is a promotion for Prince Joshua!

There is also Prince Joshua’s Lucky 24 hours

I’m currently doing Prince Joshua’s route xD

Here’s a little peek into his route:

Hehe to know what happens next try his route!

– Yuki ^_^

Be My Princess for GREE (Prince Joshua) + Updates

Guess who’s going to be released next?






Yes it’s our JOSHUA LIEBEN!

Which means only Prince Edward is left! I wonder when he will be released hmm…

Joshua should be released somewhere in the middle of August ^_^


I hope there is a promotion that comes along with Josh’s release ;D

Prince Glenn’s promotion has been extended to August 30th (UTC) as well! So princess mates have a second chance to get all 10 free gifts 😀

There is also a weekend special of Royal factors x2 and Cruz x3 when you attend royal parties from August 9th – 12th UTC!

– Yuki ^_^

Be My Princess for GREE (Prince Glenn Promotion)

Hi all  ^_^/~~

Be My Princess for GREE is now shouting GLENN












and more GLENN!!!

Remember when I said ‘Hope you get something great from him.’ in my previous BMP post?

Now you’re really gonna get something from doing Glenn’s route!








































You’ll get a free item after completing each of Glenn’s 1st to 10th story so that’s a total of 10 items! ⎝⎲⎵⎲⎠

Do try out Glenn’s story!

– Yuki ^_^


Be My Princess for GREE (Prince Glenn)

Hi all,

















Good news! Our darling Prince Glenn is out! ♥‿♥

You are able to select him after completing the prologue ^_^

Have fun! And yes, quoted from Prince Glenn himself: ‘Hope you can get something great from him!’   \(^_^)/   Like a kiss and lots of kya~ moments with him!  ♥

Also, to celebrate the launch of Glenn’s route, Voltage has brought back the LUCKY 24 HOURS!!!! So fellow princesses, it’s time to spam royal parties!!! It’s the best time to go royal parties because you’ll get:

– Royal factors x2 (VERY CRUCIAL BECAUSE YOU’LL NEED 80,000 AT LEVEL 15 for mission)

– Cruz x2

– 100% Bonus for Bonus Chance (when you win the party)

– Gacha points x6

Usually without lucky 24 hours it takes so long to save up royal factors, cruz and gacha points ( ´_⊃`)

Start: 26th July 6.30am (U.T.C)

End: ? (Oh voltage please make it a long duration!)

Strength used: 30 😦

So do spam royal parties!!!

– Yuki ^_^