Be My Princess for GREE (Prince Glenn)

Hi all,

















Good news! Our darling Prince Glenn is out! ♥‿♥

You are able to select him after completing the prologue ^_^

Have fun! And yes, quoted from Prince Glenn himself: ‘Hope you can get something great from him!’   \(^_^)/   Like a kiss and lots of kya~ moments with him!  ♥

Also, to celebrate the launch of Glenn’s route, Voltage has brought back the LUCKY 24 HOURS!!!! So fellow princesses, it’s time to spam royal parties!!! It’s the best time to go royal parties because you’ll get:

– Royal factors x2 (VERY CRUCIAL BECAUSE YOU’LL NEED 80,000 AT LEVEL 15 for mission)

– Cruz x2

– 100% Bonus for Bonus Chance (when you win the party)

– Gacha points x6

Usually without lucky 24 hours it takes so long to save up royal factors, cruz and gacha points ( ´_⊃`)

Start: 26th July 6.30am (U.T.C)

End: ? (Oh voltage please make it a long duration!)

Strength used: 30 😦

So do spam royal parties!!!

– Yuki ^_^