Be My Princess for GREE (Prince Glenn Promotion)

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Be My Princess for GREE is now shouting GLENN












and more GLENN!!!

Remember when I said ‘Hope you get something great from him.’ in my previous BMP post?

Now you’re really gonna get something from doing Glenn’s route!








































You’ll get a free item after completing each of Glenn’s 1st to 10th story so that’s a total of 10 items! ⎝⎲⎵⎲⎠

Do try out Glenn’s story!

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Be My Princess for GREE update

YAY! Prince Glenn will be out at the end of July! ≧◡≦ He looks gorgeous!

I’m excited cos I love Yuu and Alan!!! ♥‿♥

Are you?

And omg there are 100,000 players already 😀


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Be My Princess for GREE Walkthrough (Last Part of Prologue)

When I open my Be My Princess for GREE app, I am greeted by a wonderful cg of Keith at the top page ♥‿♥

It seems that Be My Princess for GREE has reached over 50,000 players! Voltage please continue making such games. I will support you! ^_^

Prince Glenn continues to blush and speaks to Yuu that he will go to the pavillion himself. He then speaks at the same time with MC and offers MC to speak first. MC clears up the misunderstanding Glenn had of her and Roberto. He tells her he wanted to talk about the same thing and that he believes MC. Glenn asks MC what she is doing there and she explains. He looks at her dressing and comments that it looks more like her while blushing furiously (Glenn is the blushing bride prince (≧o≦)  Glenn bids her farewell and leaves. The fashion show finally starts and MC’s designs are shown.

The night after the show, there is a party held for the success of the show where Prince Wilfred congratulates MC and touches her face (infront of everyone!) saying that she is truly something and it is why he is so facinated by her ≧◡≦ Joshua, Edward, Roberto, Keith and Glenn then appears. Ed and Robbie praises MC’s design pieces (without knowing she designed them) while Keith and Joshua think the designs are infantile. Keith and Joshua then bicker over sharing the same opinion -_- MC is rather sad and here you choose to:

Continue listening to them – Josh and Keith continue to comment about MC’s designs (w/o knowing she designed them)

Leave the conversation – Wills stops MC and asks her not to make such a sad face

Pierre appears and reveals that the designs were created by MC and everyone are shocked. Ed and Robbie praise the MC and asks if Jean Pierre can design their clothes.

Several days later, there is a scandal surrounding Jean Pierre that their last dress design was stolen from a rival company. The truth is revealed that there was a spy from a rival company. Jean Pierre would be closed for a short while. MC receives a letter from (insert chosen prince here) asking her to be his private designer and here you choose 1 out of the 3 princes in your compatibility chart. This ends the prologue! {◕ ◡ ◕}

PS: Will be giving an overall summary of Keith and Wilfred’s story once I’ve completed their routes!

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Be My Princess for Gree (Butler Intro)

Alright! Here’s the introduction of the butlers!


Master: Prince Wilfred

Personality: Strict, Loyal, Harsh

2) LUKE (Youngest Butler)

Master: Prince Keith

Personality: Loyal, Mature


Master: Prince Roberto

Personality: Loyal, Friendly

4) JAN (Sometimes Jean but I think it’s Jan cos Jean is Monsieur Jean Pierre ^_^)

Master: Prince Joshua

Personality: Cheerful, Loyal

Details: [Spoiler: Orphan raised in Nerwan Kingdom. Becomes Prince Joshua’s butler to spy on Dres Van. Prince Joshua knows he’s a spy from the beginning]

5) YUU (My Favourite! ≧◡≦)

Master: Prince Glenn

Personality: Refreshing, Polite, Kind

Details: [Spoiler: Childhood friend of MC and has a crush on her. Will vie with Prince Glenn for MC]


Master: Prince Edward

Personality: Loyal, Strict

Details: [Spoiler: Orphan. Met Prince Edward at the orphanage as kids and is very good friends with Prince Edward. Can read Edward like a book]

Lastly, ZAIN

Master: Lord Michel

Personality: Loyal

Sorry for the repetitive adjectives T_T   I do not know how to describe them

*Pictures are screenshots from my phone*

Anyway these butlers remind me of MEI CHAN NO SHITSUJI!!!

Don’t you think so?!

By the way I heard that Be My Princess for Gree Japanese Version allows you to go after the butlers! Why isn’t it available for English version? (╥﹏╥)  I wanna go after Yuu…

He reminds me of  Shibata Rihito (`・ω・´)


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