Love Academy

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Introducing the new otome game on android: Love Academy!

Story: [Spoiler in square brackets]

You, 16 year-old MC (main character), saw a poster (depicting 3 ikemen) advertising an audition for a high school and decide to join on impulse.  This school waives off all your school fees (TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE). You sang and it left the audience speechless at the end of your song that they forgot to clap -_- You passed the audition and are now officially a new student of Moulin Academy where you get to meet the 4 princes/3 poster boys + 1 childhood friend of the school:

First up, Yota’s the super bossy buchou of the Student Council who has a hunger for popularity. He chooses the MC to be the secretary of the Student Council and orders the MC around like a slave, pushing a lot of work to her Q_Q

Togo’s the cool, quiet and mysterious vice president of the Student Council who is interested in music and wants to be a composer (◜௰◝) He is apppears to be rather indifferent at times.

Haku’s the bishie slacker who loves being at the rooftop and is quite the flirt >_< He is good at singing and forms a band with the MC.

Takumi is the childhood friend of the MC who was always there for her. He is in love with her and has a major secret kept from everyone.


After the prologue I had a tough time deciding between Togo and Takumi.

What went on in my mind was like this:

‘Togo’s cool, I’ll choose him’

‘but Takumi looks like Prince Wilfred!’

‘Togo reminds me of Prince Joshua!’

‘but I wanna know Takumi’s secret!’

so after 3 minutes it boiled down to..

‘and Takumi’s a megane!’

‘and Takumi loves animals’

so in the end I chose TAKUMI..

Then it turns out Togo wears glasses as well  -__- (and I like his glasses more than Takumi’s lol!)

But Takumi’s a really sweet guy ≧◡≦

Spoiler:[He came to Moulin Academy just to be with the main aww… and has been having a crush on her since forever. He is close to his 15 year-old younger brother Jun who lived in France and is back in Japan. ]

so yep here is a glimpse:

Takumi –

Togo –

This game is free to download and give you 10 Koyon in the beginning to 20 Koyon later on daily at 4am UTC. 10 Koyon allows you to read part of the story ^_^ There is also a panel thingy where you unlock a panel after reading parts of the story. It should form a nice cg with all the ikemen after you’ve unlocked all panels 😀

Problems:  Yota was too much of a jerk! And the main was really annoying! And Seriously come on, [Spoiler:when a guy is confessing to you, you don’t run off to your friend and totally ignore him! That would totally break his heart and it’s rude! I was like DAFUQ? ヽ(`Д´)ノ]    

Good Points:


The transition into the story is so smooth! The story flows so smoothly! Love the engine they used! This is very good for a free game! The transition is even better than Voltage’s games =X


Koyon is AFFORDABLE as well!  Unlike GREE coins -___-


This otome game allows you to view in English, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional) and Japanese. How cool is that!

Music: 4/5  Love the music! The symphonies rock! They are so soothing… and the piano pieces awww…

Artwork: 3/5  CGs are absolutely wonderful! ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ The main is so pretty and has several cute hairstyles and the guy is like woah, ikemen!  Love the eyes~ ♥ and even side characters look wonderful! The doctor,  and Maruko thumbs up! Jun looks too much like a girl but oh well.. The chibis are super kawaii as well!

Storyline: 3/5  Storyline’s good as well, makes me want to carry on reading. Except the main was really irritating at the beginning =__=

Overall, it’s an otome game totally worth playing 4/5 . Especially when it’s free! It’s even better than it’s predecessor Pure Love with it’s realistic plot.

You can download it here:

Shall update this again when I finish the other characters’ routes!

– Yuki (◜௰◝)


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