2. Sleepy-time Boyfriend Jin Version (Review)

Jin (voice: Hiroki Yasumoto, also the voice of Yasutora Sad in “BLEACH”)
Age: 28
Occupation: IT company president
Type: Tolerant adult
Speech samples:
“How long are you going to play shy?”
“I want more than just fooling around… is it okay?”
“…Your face is all red.”


I don’t really like a very deep voice so Jin’s voice did not really get to me lol. But if you’re the type that like deep voiced mature men, then Jin’s the man for you. He reminds me of Kurogane from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

and Mori sempai from Ouran High Host Club

the cool type of guys ^_^ So if you’re a fan of theirs, you would love Jin!

– Yuki ^_^


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